Patio with chairs

Furniture Ideas for Small Gardens

Owners of small gardens have to be more cunning and choosier about their gardens. They may opt for quirky or different garden designs. But they certainly have to be savvy when including large items such as benches and seating. Here are some ideas for small garden furniture.

19th September 2018

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Drought-tolerant Gardens

Even at the height of a normal UK summer, extended spells of dry or hot weather are unusual. So if you want a water-efficient garden or a design that won’t dry out during a heatwave, drought-tolerant gardens are a good choice for you. Here are Leicestershire Paving Company’s tips for creating a drought-resistant garden.

1st September 2018

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Classic and Traditional Paving

There’s a lot that you can do with paving and the great news is it can make a big difference to the look of your garden in just a short time. At the Leicestershire Paving Company, we understand that choice can come down to personal preference but it should also be influenced by the area that is being covered and the type of home you have.

1st June 2018

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Driveway Paving

If you are looking to create a driveway, one of the first things you want to make sure of is that it’s sturdy enough to take the weight of a car or two. That doesn’t mean you should go for a durable material like tarmac or even concrete, however. There are plenty of different and frankly more aesthetically pleasing options that help make an attractive driveway and which add value and style to your home.

1st May 2018

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Geometric Design vs Shapes and Curves

When it comes to paving, there are a wide range of options available nowadays. If you want to create an area that looks good and has some aesthetic appeal, planning your design beforehand is important. That applies whether you want to lay a stone patio, a driveway or even a simple pathway.

3rd April 2018

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Grey multi sandstone

Patterns and Pathways

If you are getting a new pathway laid down, should you go for the traditional flag stones or opt for something more intricate? Are there really that many options when it comes to paving?

10th March 2018

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Buff natural sandstone

Modern and Contemporary Paving

Along with many things in the world today, paving has advanced and gone beyond the traditional few options that were once available. At the Leicestershire Paving Company, we’ve seen a huge transformation in design over recent years.

5th February 2018

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Natural sandstone

How to Prepare a Sub Base

Whether you’re putting in a new patio or a driveway, getting the preparation right is key to a successful outcome and an installation that is built to last. At the Leicestershire Paving Company, we understand the importance of a good sub base before getting down to the main design.

4th January 2018

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