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10th March 2018

Grey multi sandstone

If you are getting a new pathway laid down, should you go for the traditional flag stones or opt for something more intricate? Are there really that many options when it comes to paving?

Well, at the Leicestershire Paving Company, we’ve been installing quality paving for the last couple of decades and we know that a bit of imagination and design planning goes a long way.

People can often see pathways as a purely functional things. They’re more concerned about getting from A to B rather than what it looks like. But pathways are actually a good way to bring design elements and a lot of elegance to your property. All you need is a little imagination.

Pathway Paving Options

The truth is there are plenty of great options to choose from that are relatively simple to install and look brilliant once finished:

  • Different size flags: Rather than going for a uniform slab of stone for each flag, changing the size and shape can create interesting designs that really catch the eye. For example, using three different size flag stones, perhaps a long rectangular, a square and a thinnish narrow shaped one, quickly creates a slightly more funky pathway.

  • Straight vs curved pathways: Depending where you are putting your pathway, playing with the outer borders and the shape can make things more interesting. If you have a straight back wall against a straight fence, you may not have much room for playing around with different ideas. But if you have a path running around a garden border or through an area of grass, you can certainly put in some gentle curves and patterns.

  • Varying materials: You don’t have to settle on one material for your pathway either. Combining several different kinds (and within that different shapes and sizes) should give you plenty of scope for creating a patterned paving design that looks absolutely fabulous.

  • There’s the option to use processes like imprinted concrete nowadays that create a patterned design on your pathway before it is installed.

A great pathway normally depends on getting the initial design and planning just right. Knowing what you want and thinking beyond it’s simple functionality to how you actually want it to look is important. You certainly don’t have to settle for a pathway that looks dull and uninteresting.

At the Leicestershire Paving Company, we work with our customers to come up with great ideas that really stand out. Before we even dig the sub base and start laying those first tiles, you’ll know exactly how it’s going to look when finished.

If you’d like to explore all the possibilities for patterned pathways, contact our friendly team today.

Barry Randall

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Barry Randall

Barry Randall is the Managing Director at Leicestershire Paving Company. He’s been active in the landscaping industry for over 20 years, developing a reputation for outstanding quality and efficient management of garden transformations. He’s worked on some extremely large commercial sites and some incredible domestic garden transformations, even finding time to offer services to DIY SOS on the BBC and Richard Hammonds Secret Service on ITV.

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